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Hi! First let me say THANK YOU, for stopping by my page, for reading this cheesey bio, and mostly for considering Traci Ryant Photography! I am a Work at home mom to two wonderful boys, and one sweet little girl AJ, Brody & Lyla Jean. 

My photography journey began in 2011 after months of saving pennies to purchase my first DSLR, reading/watching all the tutorials and free educational articles I could get my eyeballs on, and make-shifting a home studio in my living room to practice on friends. I knew, without a doubt, that I found my passion and there was no turning back.  


Now, I am SO happy to be able to spend so much time at home and still get to do something I totally love to do. I am committed to creating portraits that capture unique personalities, real emotion and those genuine, sweet, smiles. You know? The ones you need to see after a long day and you are needing a reminder that those crazy little humans you created are actually really sweet deep down inside? Those smiles!

I love to try new things, if you don't see what you are envisioning in my galleries, just ask! Let's create it together! Unless it's a wedding... I leave those to the wedding pros! ;-)


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